Pretoria Marathon Club

Dear Runners

Pretoria Marathon Club would like to apologize to those of you who were influenced by the shortage of water and medals towards the end of the race.
We as runners know that it is unacceptable and you can be assured that we did not intentionally set out to provide you with a negative experience.
Although the numbers are not officially confirmed yet, the race seems to have attracted just under 1500 more athletes this year than the previous year. Such a growth has never been experienced before in all our years of organizing the George Claassen and other events.

Should you not have received a medal, the following steps will be taken: A gazebo will be available at the McCarthy race in 2 week’s time where medals can be collected.

We thank you for your feedback and understanding. We will definitely take all your concerns to hart and make the changes for 2015 to try and avoid the same problems.

Regards / Groete